Consultants for Sport Policy

Welcome to Sport Cares!

Sport is a universal language. Sport unites. Sport can be a tool for development and peace. Sport is big business. Sport is of high political relevance. Sport creates power and responsibility. Sport requires modern governance. Sport Cares.

What we do

As a service provider in the Sport Policy field we are committed to providing our clients and partners with consultancy, counselling, expertise and project support according to their demands and requirements. We are committed to supporting all of our clients in working within and adapting to the evolving sport policy framework. Sport triggers emotions and it has grown to play an important economic and political role all around the world. With our services we are aiming to contribute to the strengthening of good governance structures in all areas related to sport while alerting to streams and developments in sport policy. Our addressees are civil society, public authorities, international organisations, sport organisations, the private sector and all other relevant actors. We aim to contribute with own expertise and to consult for our clients just like to provide contacts to relevant players in this area whenever this is the best solution. It is our ambition to fulfill the high expectations formulated by our clients and by ourselves to create a substantive contribution in the good governance and sport policy fields.

What sport policy entails

Sport Policy is a broad term which encompasses a wide variety of aspects and stakeholders. A number of specific themes like corruption and money laundering, human rights (e. g. workers' rights, property rights, non-discrimination and religious rights), the relations between politics, business, international organisations and civil society actors like NGOs and foundations with sport governing bodies as well as democratic principles related to sport and its organisations have recently proven to be of particular relevance. In some of the said fields an active public debate has taken place which at times has not entirely been in tune with actual policy developments. It is with the intention to translate as best as possible policy developments into effective progress where Sport Cares offers its services as interlocutor to all actors affected by the mentioned and similar themes.

Why we are a consultancy

As a consulting agency we are an independent actor with no obligations and ties to any particular stakeholders in sport governance and policy. It is on this basis that we are committed and able to exchange with any interested actor in a result-oriented setting. An open and positive informed discourse on the relevant substance matter of relevance is our initial offer. It is Sport Cares' ambition to make good use of its independent role to attain the best results for all clients and to contribute successfully to the development and implementation of sport policy in a good governance framework.