Consultants for Sport Policy

About Us

    How it came about

Sport Cares was established as a consulting agency with a focus on Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) in 2009. The increasing relevance of good governance and sport policy also within SDP led to a re-calibration of the activities pursued towards the current focus. Its incorporator, Mr. Jonas Burgheim, draws from his experience acquired as Policy and Projects Officer/Deputy Head of the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP). His level of expertise attained during the responsible work with a wide range of policy partners, a broad network in the sport policy field, his experience from working in international relations just like in a leading European research funding foundation have been the basis for a broad range of relevant files and cases completed successfully. With his scientific background as a Bachelor of Laws and Master of European Law focussing on Human Rights and Foreign Trade as well as with his experience in public policy, Mr. Burgheim carries the central capacities to address the needs of Sport Cares' clients. He is convinced of the necessity for further progress towards good evolution and implementation of sport policy and pursues this ambition with a strong commitment.

What we strive to achieve

Sport Cares is committed to achieving the best results in all its projects and assignments. As a service provider our main ambition is to deliver high quality results to fulfill the expectations of our clients. Our own quality expectations only allow for highest level consultancy and results. Active dialogue with interested partners in order to respond suitably to their needs is at the core of our work. Sensible and valuable contributions to the evolution and implementation of sport policy are our objective. Whenever possible and desired, Sport Cares as a moderator strives to encourage collaboration between relevant actors to allow for the best possible results. With a passion for well-shaped sport policy and its implementation, Sport Cares aspires to provide constructive incentives for all of its clients to adapt to the fast-changing policy landscape they operate in.

What we offer

Sport Cares is a service provider offering suitable concepts, expertise, advice and solutions to a broad range of actors in sport policy and those directly affected by it. Services are tailored to our clients' needs. Examples of services and clients include, but are not limited to:

Examples of Services
Examples of Clients
Expertise in sport policy / sport and international relations           Athletes, sports clubs, sporting federations,
political ac
tors and institutions, organising
corporate sponsors, etc.
Expertise in human rights and sportInternational organisations, political actors and institutions, sporting federations, organising committees, civil society organisations, etc.
Consultancy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities with sport
Private business, sports clubs, sporting federations, organising committees etc.
Consultancy in Sport and Development
Development agencies, civil society organisations, international organisations, governments, etc.
Good Governance concepts for actors in sport
International organisations and institutions,
civil society organisations etc.
Scientific studies, projects and publicationsAcademic institutions and publications, international organisations, councils and foundations, interest groups, etc.